Matching Gifts | Volunteer Grants

Workplace Giving

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs that will match their employees’ charitable contributions or volunteer hours. To make the most of a qualifying corporate matching gift program, follow the three simple steps below:

Step 1:
See if your donations are eligible to be matched

Use Charity Navigator’s Free Search Tool to check whether your company has a matching gift program.
*Even if they have a program, you may want to double-check with your employer that they will donate to Little Angels Service Dogs.

Step 2:
Review matching gift instructions

Once you have verified that your employer will provide a matching gift donation to Little Angels Service Dogs, select that company in the Charity Navigator search to get specific instructions about how your gift can qualify for your company’s matching gift program.

Step 3: Submit your match request

Follow your company-specific matching gift instructions to have your Little Angels Service Dogs donation doubled or tripled by your employer.

Volunteer Grants

If you volunteer for Little Angels Service Dogs, your employer may offer volunteer grants, which allow you to make a bigger impact with your volunteer hours! Volunteer grants are a type of corporate giving program in which employers provide monetary grants to organizations where their employees volunteer on a regular basis. These programs can be called Dollars for Doers, Dollar for Hour, matching time, or Grants for Time. To apply for a volunteer grant, all you have to do is:

Step 1:

Look up your eligibility for a volunteer grant from your employer.

Step 2: 

If eligible, submit a request to your company for the grant.

Step 3:

The employer looks over the application and confirms eligibility. Once your hours are confirmed with us, the process is complete and we will receive the grant.