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What It’s Like to Live with a Service Dog

By Lisa Drummond

It’s nearly a year since I received word that my service dog, Sugar, was available for me.  So, it’s a perfect time frame to reflect on what it has been like to live with her in my life.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the initial adjustment period of having her wasn’t stressful.  It was!  She knew all the commands, of course, but I did not necessarily know properly how to communicate them with her efficiently (even though I was trained).  But I was warned by Katie that, yes, this interim period would be bumpy at first before we really bonded with one another.  And she was correct!

But I am beyond grateful to say that it only took a few months and Sugar and I became sympatico.   Having a service dog has been a life changer for me.  She has given me the courage and resources to take chances and help me overcome and adapt to my disability.  To start my day knowing that I have a loving, attentive, and 24/7 support (who knows me better than most) is beyond a boost to anything difficult coming my way.  She brings me healing and great joy and tremendous confidence that I didn’t have prior to her in my life.  I am beyond grateful for this opportunity of having a service dog in my life!


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