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Ring the Bell: Did you know Little Angels Service Dogs teaches dogs to push buttons to assist their people by alerting others to medical emergencies or even to open doors or activate crosswalks? But your pet can learn to push a button to make potty-time communication easier for you at home. You can hang a bell with a rope from your doorknob, or even purchase an electronic pet bell online. Simply ring this bell yourself every time you open the door to take your pup outside. Be sure to use the same door, and don’t use it for playtime. Reserve the bell for potty breaks. Eventually, your pup will realize that ringing the bell makes the door open when they really need to go. When you hear the bell ring, head right over and reward your dog by taking them out to do their business. No treats are necessary in this case; they are simply learning an easy way to communicate one of their needs with you.


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