Service Dogs get playtime just like other dogs?

Most people only see Service Dogs when they are out in the community so their impressions are that they are serious, obedient, hard-working dogs.

Service Dog ready to work

That isn’t wrong, but it is only half of the story…
Just as people would start to tire of their jobs if they never had a moment of free time, a service dog needs time to have fun and play and “just be a dog.”

Their handlers know the importance of keeping their dogs healthy, so allowing their dog to relax and play is an important part of caring for them, just as much as providing healthy food and healthcare is.
Many service dogs know that when they are not wearing their vests or “working gear” they can act like every other dog, but some wait for a verbal “command” that lets them know they can play or visit.




Our dogs are taught that when we say: “Take a break!” they can stop working and can play or just relax. Many people are surprised if they see this because there is such a big difference in their working vs. non-working demeanor. Our dogs love to work for their partners, but just like other dogs, they love a good game of fetch, playing with their favorite squeaky toys, or spending some time in the water.

Let’s play!

So, the next time you see a working dog, just remember that they not only work hard, they play hard too!



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