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Let me tell you a little bit about my life before and after a service dog.

Because of my PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Agoraphobia, General Anxiety, OCD, and ME/CFS, I couldn’t leave the house at all. I had horrible anxiety attacks that occurred multiple times a day and experienced huge meltdowns over the smallest things. Family trips were disasters and left people not wanting to travel with me. I was utterly alone and felt lost. Medications do next to nothing for me because I’m so sensitive that I can’t reach therapeutic levels because the side effects are just too much. So, I decided to get a service dog. Loki became my teammate, helper, healer, and friend. He learned what to do to interrupt my episodes by alerting me to them as trained then helping me through them by licking and doing deep pressure therapy. One thing he developed on his own was to redirect my emotions by acting silly and rolling around playfully after he had done his trained behaviors. This always makes me laugh and helps to get me back into a better place after my horrible episodes. With Loki, I have been able to leave my home. I can once again travel. Trips aren’t always perfect, but I’m doing so much better! We just returned from Monument Valley where I did incredible

Not one meltdown! I can’t stress how important a service dog is for me. Without one, I could never do things like this.


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  1. Christina

    Hearing how Loki has helped warms my heart.


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