Little Angels Service Dog Partners

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Little Angels Service Dogs relies heavily on the generosity of others. We are very fortunate that we have so many partners willing to help us out! From monetary donations to assisting our breeding program to supporting our recipients while they travel, we couldn’t do what we do without the help of others!

We are so appreciative of every single partner on this page! If you are interested in becoming a partner of Little Angels Service Dogs, please go to our Become A Partner page and fill out the respective form or email Thank you in advance!

Corporate Partners


Neurelis is committed to innovating life-changing treatments that empower people with epilepsy to take greater control over their journeys. Seizures are unpredictable and often come without warning. Preparedness is a key to helping reduce “seizure fear” and empowering people with epilepsy and their care partners to act whenever, wherever a seizure may strike. The primary goal of the Neurelis partnership with Little Angels is to highlight the importance of having individualized seizure action plans which often include an on-hand seizure rescue medication and, in some cases, may even include the support of a seizure alert dog. 


“Our people make the difference.”

Stofer's Labs

Stofers Labs has partnered for years with Little Angels to provide smart, mellow, and beautiful labradors for service dogs. This partnership assists people with obtaining a service dog while reducing the financial burden for those who need it. Stofers Labs has been breeding and training AKC registered labradors for over 20 years. Our labs are a combination of English and American because, we strive to provide a more mellow and athletic Labrador.  We have fine tuned our breeding, puppy rearing principles and practices to achieve excellence in breed health, beauty, and temperament. 

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals

Catalyst is dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative medicines for rare and difficult-to-treat diseases like epilepsy. Our patient communities are at the heart of our mission. We strive to put their needs first by empowering patients and their caregivers with education, support, and engagement opportunities to improve overall healthcare outcomes.   We proudly sponsor Little Angels Service Dogs in training seizure-alert puppies. These dogs provide invaluable assistance, companionship, and peace of mind to individuals with epilepsy, enhancing their security and independence while raising awareness about their transformative impact on the lives of those affected by epilepsy.

Grandma Lucy's

Grandma Lucy’s was founded in 1999 by pet parents Eric and Breann Shook in Southern California and proudly remains a privately owned and family-operated company. Grandma Lucy’s specializes in solution-based, human quality, minimally processed, freeze-dried food, treats, and toppers for dogs and cats. The freeze-drying method is ideal as it best retains the nutritional integrity of raw food while remaining preservative-free, lightweight, and shelf-stable. The core family values of Grandma Lucy’s have been steadfast since it’s conception, pets first, think big – stay small, solution-based feeding and giving back. Find Grandma Lucy’s at your local independent pet retailers or

What is Project Pet RAK

Since the start of Grandma Lucy’s in 1999, it has been our passion to provide pets with the healthiest lives possible. We celebrate the extraordinary bond between animals and humans every day. Through Project Pet RAK we support the relationships that enrich our lives, and bring joy, comfort, and companionship. Project Pet RAK, which is short for Random Acts of Kindness, was created by mother/daughter duo Breann and Alex Shook, to provide wholesome, nutritious meals to service dogs. Project Pet RAK is the official food sponsor for Little Angels Service Dogs, which has a special place in our hearts, and we are so grateful to be able to bring healthy meals and assistance while spreading some kindness along the way.

Labs Adored

At Labs Adored, we believe in providing more than just a dog.  Our Labs are bred with optimal behavior and health in mind.  We aim to produce and give a happy healthy life, to not only our labs, but to those receiving them.  Being able to be a part of helping those in need of such a dog is a true blessing.  We are excited to be able to fill that need even further with Little Angels Service Dogs, and are honored to be chosen to be a part of such a program!

Foundation Partners


Little Angels Service Dogs is a proud rescue partner of the San Diego Humane Society. We love rescuing dogs to train them to become service dogs and we appreciate our partnership!


Franz Bakery Foundation is thrilled to support Little Angels Service Dogs.  Our foundation helps people in the communities Franz Bakery serves by supporting a wide range of organizations that help families, children and individuals in need.  We love what Little Angels does!