Our Breeding Program

Our Purpose

The Little Angels Breeding Program exists to produce puppies to be raised and trained as excellent Service Dogs to assist the disabled. We have a high rate of success with dogs in our breeding program due to our training practices and the excellent breeding behind our dogs – to produce dogs with calm and loving temperaments, intelligence and excellence of health.

All of our breeding dogs are either OFA certified for hips and elbows or have had PennHIP certification, have heart clearance and CERF for eyes.

Our breeding dogs are cared for and loved on by our amazing breeding fosters. Typically, the breeding fosters will whelp the puppies, keep them for a few weeks, and then return them to our ranches to begin their puppy development training or be inducted into our prison program. 

Grandma Lucy’s Support for Little Angels Breeding Program

Little Angels Service Dogs has enjoyed our partnership with Grandma Lucy’s!  Grandma Lucy’s is a family-owned and operated, all natural freeze dried dog food and treat company.

Grandma Lucy’s not only donates food and treats for our dogs in training, they have graciously sponsored a litter of puppies we called our “Office Litter”.  Some of these beautiful pups are already out in the world helping indivudals who live with disabilities live independent lives!

Our Breeding Dogs

The dogs in our breeding program are very special, you can often see a glimmer in their eyes, as if they know how very important their job is. As very proud parents, their offspring will have a life-long duty of helping a person who is handicapped and needs the day-to-day assistance that a service dog can bring.