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The people at Little Angels Service Dogs LOVE our dogs! We do everything in our power to offer them the best care. We think it shows because they all seem so happy! Between our amazing facilities, our caring staff, and incredible fosters, our dogs get pampered and raised in the perfect atmosphere, which helps them flourish into such helpful service dogs!

The dogs in our program come from many different backgrounds, including our breeding program, dogs we rescue, and dogs donated by other breeders. However, we hold all of our dogs to the same high standards.

Our Certified Service Dogs Should:

  1. Be clean and well-groomed at all times.
  2. Eliminate in appropriate areas and only on command.
  3. Not solicit attention or be a distraction to the public through barking or inappropriate behavior.
  4. Never show aggression, but be confident and friendly towards everyone and everything.
  5. Perform at least three tasks to assist the person living with disabilities.
  6. Respond to obedience commands consistently.

If the dogs in our program do not meet these standards, we adopt them out as family pets. We ensure every dog in our program ends up in a loving home!

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Our Breeding Program

Dogs Donated by Breeders

Stofer’s Labs has been generously donating dogs to our program since 2019. We are so grateful for our partnership with them and for the incredible dogs that join our program. We love Stofer’s Labs!

Are you a breeder interested in donating puppies to our program?

We would love to hear from you! Please know that we have rigorous standards when it comes to accepting dogs into our program.
If you are interested in learning more, contact us at

It costs over $60,000 to train and place a Service Dog.

Your contribution helps fund training and development for our Little Angels and to continue expanding our services to aid people living with disabilities.