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When I first met my service dog Bud it was the best day of my life. At first, he really tested me, but with help from the wonderful trainers at Little Angels we learned to be a great team!

It takes practice and work from both the handler and the dog to become a great team and I feel we were. Bud alerted me to almost all of my seizures. When I was not feeling well he would know right away and he was always on the job.

When we went out in public at first it was hard because people and their pets always wanted to try and play. I learned to be patient and I would say “I’m sorry but he’s a working dog, he helps me with my disability” and people were great about it once I explained why Bud could not visit. People around me learned so much from us.

When I would have a seizure in public and others saw what he could do we got so much support from our community. Restaurants and stores had a better understanding of what a service dog does, and what an invisible disability is.

My mother-in-law worked at a local library and Bud and I would go in once a month to talk about working service dogs, what they do, and why you cannot pet one.

 It’s a lot of hard work to have a service dog, but it is a wonderful experience.

Leslie- Recipient of Bud


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