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My Personality: I am a love bug!! I love to cuddle and make people feel better. I’m always up for a good time like a long walk or some play time. My favorite toys are any type of ball (especially if it’s small enough to roll under the couch…hee hee). I’m not afraid of anything, not even big boom fireworks!! I love to go on car rides and meet up with the rest of the LASD gang!
Quirks: Donna says I am part gazelle….as I love to leap over things (including Jim, my bestie here at Donna & Larry’s) and from room to room. I think it’s a family trait.
Friends: I’ve had a few fosters (Lisa and Mary Ann mostly) and they helped me be the confident pup I am today! Right now, my best dog buddy is Jim. It took him a little while to warm up to me (I hear he likes the girls), but now we are besties!
Main Squeeze: Right now I live with my trainer Donna and her husband Larry and their dog Jim in New Hampshire.
Where I’ve Lived: Before I came to Donna’s I lived with my foster Mary Ann in NH. I’ve also spent a lot of time with Rosemary in RI and Lisa in ME. I am a true New Englander!!
My Journey: It looks like I am best suited to be a psychiatric assistance as I pick up on people’s anxiety quickly and want to help, but I’m still open to other things. I am very excited to be able to help someone however I can and can’t wait to meet my “furever” person. Hopefully,it will be soon!!







My personalityAmy says I am a jock. I am very confident, strong, independent, durable, and reliable. Amy also says I am an energetic bull in a China shop, but then a gentle and behaved giant in public. Sometimes I can be naughty…I like to wait until my people are out of sight or not paying attention to explore for toys or balls. Teehee! When I train with Amy, we focus on consistency with boundaries.

QuirksWhen I was in the prison program, I would sit in front of all the trainers to earn kibble instead of playing with the other puppies. I just love treats!

What makes me unique – I don’t always like cuddles – I’m an independent pup and I like it that way! I am learning to be more cuddly, though.

My friends – Val is my bestie!

My main squeeze – Amy, my trainer! She is the best. <3

My journey – I started at the prison program as a pup and now I live in San Diego. I am told I was a high achiever with training – I LOVE to train and I am great at all my basic and advanced commands. I am especially good at heel, retrieval, and public obedience. I love giving my person my food bowl and leash, and turning on and off the lights every time they ask. I am eager to please and earn lots of treats, and I especially love ball time!! I take my job as a service dog very seriously because I know how important it is.





My personality – I’m still just a puppy, and I am true to my breed name – I love to chew and retrieve. Nettie tells me I am confident and sweet. I am not afraid of anything and I love meeting new people when I am out training.

Quirks – I’m told most dogs like to go into their crates head-first, but I think it’s more fun to go in backward!

My Friends – I also love playing with the other dogs in Nettie’s home – Lucky, Royce, Blaze, and Ruger! 

My Main Squeeze – My trainer, Nettie! I ruff her!

My journey – I was donated to Little Angels by Labs Adored, a labrador breeder in TN, and I’ve been living with my trainer, Nettie since I got here! Right now, I am working on learning something called “basic obedience” and I am learning to love my crate. I have so much fun going on training field trips with other trainers and foster families, too!

I can’t wait to meet my forever people and help them gain more independence, but I have a lot of training to do before that can happen!






My personality – I’m a happy doggo and I love making everyone else happy. I love attention more than anything else! I used to be a little anxious, but I have calmed down and become much more confident as I’ve grown older, thanks to my amazing people!

Quirks – I used to be quite the escape artist! I’d sneak out of my crate or the play area at the ranch. It was probably because I was anxious and wanted to be with my people because I loved them so much. 

What makes me unique – Unlike my siblings who look like typical doodles, I have my own distinctive style. You could pick me out of a litter!

My friends – I have a lot of gumption and I love playing with my best pals at the kennel – John, Stanley, Poppy, and Meadow. We have so much fun together!

My main squeeze – My trainer, Mallory! She gives the best pets and treats. 

My journey – I spent most of my life so far with the nice people at the prison, and I have been with an awesome foster since January!

My possible career – I heard my people say I might make a good mobility dog or seizure-alert dog, but they also said that changes a lot! All I know is I can’t wait to have a new best friend and to help make a difference in a special person’s life!


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