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Our PUPS Prison Program

Little Angels is so incredibly proud and excited to have a major prison program as part of our dog training process. Our PUPS (Puppies Uplifting Prisoner’s Spirits) Program now includes three different facilities – two on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. On the West Coast we are lucky to have a large group of dogs in both Avenal State Prison and Central California Women’s Facility. We also now have dogs at Bolduc Correctional Facility in Maine.

NOTE: We have facilities in San Diego, CA and Bartlett, NH. For security our physical address will be given by appointment only.

We are so thankful for the relationship we have with each of our correctional facilities. Our program would not be able to succeed on the level it is, without the help of each of these facilities, and the staff and inmates within. Our inmates are able to train our dogs to a capacity that none of us would ever be capable of. We also love to hear the stories from inmates about how each of these dogs have touched their lives and given them purpose each day. We look forward to expanding the program, we have two facilities that will be partnering with us in the near future! Fill out the form below to apply and have your prison program be a part of our organization.

West Coast Programs

Central California Women’s Facility

Central California Women's Facility

23370 Rd 22, Chowchilla, CA 93610

CCWF was our first facility adventure, and we couldn’t think of a better spot to start out our PUPS Program! They took to our training incredibly fast, and we never have a doubt that our dogs are being well taken care of. All it takes is one trip into the facility to see how much each inmate cares for their dog in training, and how invested they are in seeing this dog through to graduation. We are so proud of the dogs that have exited CCWF and have gone on to be placed with recipients in need.

Avenal State Prison was our second facility entered and gave us male inmates to work with. This was very important to us since our other facility was female only. It is very important to our training process that dogs get acclimated to working with both genders. Having two facilities in a similar location has allowed us to rotate dogs around through their stint in prison so they are able to experience many different situations. Our men in Avenal do a phenomenal job of having a structured routine and training our dogs to be extremely obedient. We love going in to work with them and teach them new skills!

Avenal State Prison

Avenal State Prison

1 Kings Way, Avenal, CA 93204

East Coast Programs

Bolduc Correctional Facility

Avenal State Prison

516 Cushing Rd, Warren, ME 04864

Our most recent acquisition into our prison program is Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren, Maine. This was a crucial addition because it allowed us to increase our East Coast Capacity for dogs in training. The special part about this facility is it’s a non-secure transitional program. This means each inmate is learning to integrate back into society, and while they are integrating into society, so will our dogs! The inmates in Bolduc frequently take trips to common places like Walmart, grocery stores, and walks downtown. We think it is amazing that our dogs will be in a mutually beneficial relationship with each inmate, while they assist each other in learning how to navigate the public scene.


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