Prison Program

PUPS – Puppies Uplifting Prisoners Spirits

Little Angels Service Dogs is forever grateful to have a major prison program as part of our dog training process. We call it our PUPS (Puppies Uplifting Prisoner’s Spirits) Program.


We are thankful for the relationship we have with each of our correctional facilities. Our program would not be as successful as we are without the help of each of these facilities, and the staff and residents within. The residents train our dogs to a capacity that none of us would ever be capable of.  We also love to hear the stories from residents about how each of these dogs have touched their lives and given them purpose each day.

Central California Women’s Facility

CCWF was our first facility.  We couldn’t think of a better spot to start our PUPS Program! The team took to our training quickly.  Our dogs are under incredible care by each resident trainer.  It takes one trip into the facility to see how much each resident trainer cares for their dog in training and how invested they are in seeing each dog graduate. We are proud of the dogs that have graduated CCWF and have been placed with recipients in need.