Foster Program

Little Angels is seeking individuals and families who are willing tovolunteer their time to foster our service dogs in training!

Fostering a Little Angels Service Dog is an incredible opportunity! Not only do you get to learn how to help train specialized dogs, but you get to interact with numerous lovable, four-legged friends while helping change the lives of those with disabilities.

Applicants for this program should:

*Have a love for dogs.
*Display a patient and professional demeanor.
*Have a desire to assist others.
*Be willing to learn.
*Show a POSITIVE attitude.

Accepted Fosters Must Be Willing To:
  • Provide a loving, safe environment to house the dog. Apartments are acceptable.
  • Attend private instructional classes at our kennel in Jamul, California (County of San Diego), New England,  or Nacogdoches, TX at least once every two months.
  • Take the dog out into public settings a minimum of 3 times per week.
    • Examples of outings include: the grocery store, restaurants, movie theaters, malls and parks.
Why Choose Our Program?

Our program is successful because fosters receive a private instructional class with each new dog or puppy taken into their care. Most of our dogs graduate as working assistance dogs because they receive a broad range of socialization by living with many different fosters in varying home environments and are able to visit new public locations regularly. Our fosters receive skilled education and continuous support which allows our dogs to be successful.

If you are interested but are worried about the time commitment, look at the options below:

Long-Term Fosters:

Our Long-Term Fosters commit to keeping a dog for a period of 2 months or longer. They will receive their dog-in-training along with a lesson and all the necessary supplies. The fosters will return to the ranch for lessons and check-ups on the dog once every 2 months. The dog-in-training will stay with the foster full-time for the term of the foster period, but can come back to the ranch for boarding or vacations as needed. At the end of the term, the dog-in-training will either go to a new foster for more training or move back to the ranch to finish its advanced training.

Weekend Fosters:

Due to COVID and limiting in person interactions, we have currently suspended the weekend foster program. This will start back up as soon as it is deemed safe. Our long term foster program is still running.

Each Accepted Foster Receives:
  • Healthy, temperament tested puppies and/or young adult dogs to foster within their home.
  • Paid medical for their foster dogs.
  • A dog crate, bowls, leash, collars and toys for their foster dogs.
  • Regular instruction on dog training and behavioral management.
  • Continuous support and guidance.
  • The blessing of assisting the disabled through their efforts.
foster service dogs timeline

Thank you for your interest in our Foster Program!