Eye on the Ball
Improve. Impact. Change.

For $2.25, the simple price of a ball and sharing our campaign, you can contribute to our life changing mission. Like a ball gaining speed as it rolls downhill, your contribution can combine with others to gain power and momentum to make an impact.

Join our team! Together we can continue to change lives…one dog at a time.

In what started as a dream, a dog, and a garage, Little Angels Service Dogs has grown into an organization that daily changes lives of persons living with disabilities; with a service dog at their side, our clients gain a new sense of “calm”, greater independence and ability to live the lives they dream about.

For just the price of a ball, or $2.25, and your sharing of our campaign, you can contribute to this life-changing mission! Like a ball gathering speed while rolling downhill, your contribution combined with others will gather momentum and the power to make an impact. Come join our team, and together, we will continue to change lives … one dog at a time.

Nellie's Challenge: Down and Dirty Dogs
Nellie’s Challenges

Nellie likes to have fun, and she wants you to join her in her periodic challenges! We started Nellie’s Challenges in the fall of 2021, and we had so much fun with it we decided to continue them throughout 2022!

In conjunction with our year round campaign, Eye on the Ball, Nellie’s challenges are to be a fun, interactive way to build awareness around Little Angels Service Dogs. These challenges range from holiday spirit to down and dirty dogs. Join in one or all of Nellie’s challenges!

Each time you participate you are entered into a year end giveaway; everyone who participated in 2021 has already been entered. Prizes include a sporty water bottle, stickers, and sweatshirts. The grand prize may be what you keep your eye on… the right to name a puppy!

To be entered into the giveaway, here’s what you need to do

  1. Post a still image or video in response to the challenge
  2. Tag us
  3. Use the hashtags #NelliesChallenge and #EyeOnTheBall
  4. Donate $2.25 – the cost of a ball

Follow us to be informed when we launch a new challenge.

Thank You

The demand for service dogs is great and so are the costs of training them. Through your generous donations we are going to be able to

  • Help ease the stress of clients fundraising for dogs
  • Provide important training tools, toys and food to our canines
  • Construct new and innovative canine housing and training facilities
  • Hire even more support to help our clients quicker

Your generosity will allow us to meet and exceed our goals in ways never before realized!

Let's keep our eye on the ball!