Prison Fund

All of us at Little Angels are so proud of the work we do to make a difference in the lives of our recipients that it often takes the spotlight; but we are equally as proud of our Prison Programs! We naively started our Prison Programs after hearing how beneficial it would be to our company. We had no idea at the time, just how inspiring and life changing these programs would become for so many! For our recipients, the prison programs allow us to have more dogs trained leading to quicker placement times. For our staff and trainers, our inmate trainers take a weight off of our shoulders.

We had no idea entering these programs just how dedicated our inmates would be. They provide a home for our dogs and they give these dogs all they have. They train them in ways our trainers could not because of time constraints. They are invested from Day 1. They listen. They ask questions. They practice giving commands. Then slowly, they let their guards down while working with our trainers and the dogs. They are excited and proud to share their dog’s accomplishments and to keep journals about the process. Their lives are also changed by this amazing program. They learn to trust. They learn the unconditional love of an animal. They learn responsibility. They are proud of their work. And most of all, they get a chance to give back. Many inmates have told us they feel this is a small way to start righting their wrongs.

Please consider supporting our Prison Programs and the benefits they provide for so many. Your generous gift enables Little Angels to keep these important programs funded and at the same time allows you to be involved firsthand in our mission of “Changing lives…One dog at a time.” Thank you in advance for your generous support.


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