2021 Project Fund

Every year Little Angels will pick a special project to focus on. It could be in regards to training supplies, trainer education, dog stimulation, etc. Whatever we pick, it will be something we deem is necessary to the improvement of our overall program.

This year, we are focusing on facility improvements. We have a lot of plans for both of our facilities but our main plan is to work on creating a new kennel facility at our New Hampshire Ranch. Creating an indoor kennel will allow us to triple our dog capacity in New Hampshire, hire kennel staff, create an office working space, and be able to give our head trainers a break. Currently, our head trainers live with our priority dogs and it’s very hard for them to escape their job. This would help them with that reality.
If you would like to be a major donor for this project, please contact Josh at josh@littleangelssd.org. There are many sponsorship opportunities available within the scope of this project.