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Breaking in the Breeding Building: Puppies Coming to New Hampshire!


As Little Angels began to settle into our new property out in New Hampshire, we started to brainstorm ways to make the ranch even more beneficial to the company and to the dogs. So began the plans for a small breeding building, capable of housing and whelping three litters of puppies at a time. We want to first and foremost give a huge thank you to The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation for helping to fund the new building and making it possible for us to turn our plans into progress in 2020. Local businesses such as L.A. Drew, Coleman Concrete, Veno Electric, Belletete’s, Hancock Lumber, Fallen Drywall, Firm Foundations, and Bullet Construction donated some of their time and resources to help build the facility from the ground up.   A statement from The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation:

The Marilyn Lichtman Foundation is proud to walk alongside Little Angels Service Dogs. Our Founder, Marilyn Lichtman, was a strong believer in the therapeutic use of animals. To that end, she had five dogs with her at her passing: providing treasured comfort and companionship. Supporting nonprofits is what we do. Seeing our grants funds change lives, is our greatest reward.

Luckily now, in 2021, we are almost finished with the final details, and it’s a good thing too because we are expecting TWO litters of puppies this May. Luna, one of our breeding dogs here in New Hampshire, is expecting her fourth litter, and her daughter, Frosti, is expecting her first! As we begin to prep the building for the whelping of these litters, there are tons of supplies we still need to stock up on. We are asking the community for support as we navigate this expensive, yet necessary process in our breeding program. The following is a list of items we would love to be donated. If you click on the item, it will link to an Amazon listing.

You can also click here and be taken directly to our Amazon Puppy Wish List.

Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do this without you! Donations can be sent to our New Hampshire Ranch located at 1088 US Rt. 302, Bartlett, NH 03812. We look forward to these two litters of puppies, working with them, and ultimately placing them with their recipients so they can change their recipients’ lives!


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