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All Dogs, All Day

We are excited to be a virtual presenter at The 9th Annual Epilepsy Awareness & Education Expo 2021. As an ADI accredited service dog organization, we regularly train dogs to alert and respond to seizures. Join the All Dogs, All Day channel to learn how a service dog can assist persons affected by seizures, see how the dogs are trained and end the day with a live Q&A.

Monday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 9

1PM ET/10AM PT       Welcome, meet us and learn the basics about service dogs

2PM ET/11AM PT       The process of receiving a service dog, live presentation

3PM ET/12PM PT       The process of receiving a service dog, pre-recorded presentation

4PM ET/1 PM PT         *Guardian Angel Program, partnership with correctional facilities

5PM ET/2PM PT          How service dogs alert to seizures, live presentation

6PM ET/3PM PT          How service dogs alert to seizures, pre-recorded presentation

7PM ET/4PM PT          Live Q&A with Josh Drew

Little Angels Service Dogs supports epilepsy awareness and education. Learn more about our seizure alert dogs at

*Watch a recent ABC 20/20 story to better understand how our prison programs work and experience the many benefits for the recipients, the pups and the residents of these facilities.


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